The summer 2013 tour

We own a luxury holiday villa rental company and each year we travel to inspect existing properties and to add new ones. In the summer of 2013 we were fortunate enough to get a perspective on the dog friendliness of some of our properties and a few hotels from Woody as we travelled around France and Italy.

A villa near St Tropez with a very handy fenced swimming pool for child and dog safety!

woody_grimaud france

Another St Tropez villa with a garden full of friendly creatures.

woody_st tropez

Just checking on how the flowers are doing in the Ste Cezaire property, pretty well by the looks of it.

woody_ste cezaire france

And here we are admiring the view in Montepulciano, Tuscany.


Time in Andorra

So in spring 2012 we moved back to Andorra where we already had a home pre Woody’s arrival. This time of year in the Pyrenees can be wonderful and in our garden Woody discovered a new love – plastic flower pots. Ironic really as his mum was called “Flowerpot”.



Woody’s mum Flowerpot.woody_mum

He also then developed a love for the nearby woods at Engolasters where he went for a run each day. Think he wished he were a mountain goat!

woody andorra 13