Beaches and dogs of Cap Ferret.

The 2 photos below show the sandy beach of the Bassin d’Arcachon at Cap Ferret. Oyster cultivation is big business here. There are lots of cabins and old fishing huts scattered around selling oysters and other seafood.

One of the beaches at Cap Ferret
The tidal Bassin d’Arcachon.
Oyster tasting Cap Ferret
Restaurant dog, a baby Cocker Spaniel.
Why do French Bulldogs always look either stressed or menacing?

Cap Ferret

Perched at the far end of a long peninsula south west of Bordeaux, Cap Ferret is renowned for oyster cultivation and huge sandy beaches as well as miles of walking and cycling paths through the pine forest. We went for a long walk and ball throw this morning. A couple of videos below.

And one of the weirdest photos ever – looks as if Woody is emerging from the decking!

Dog emerges from decking!


Carcassonne today, tomorrow Cap Ferret.

Still in Carcassonne and moving on to Cap Ferret on the Atlantic Coast of France tomorrow. Had a walk around the old walls of the City last night and discovered that it is celebrating 20 years of being a UNESCO World Heritage site. Swiss artist Felice Varini was asked to help celebrate and came up with these concentric yellow circles which are made of aluminium and attached to the walls. Some like it and some really don’t so best decide for yourself.

Felice Varini’s concentric yellow circles on the walls of Carcassonne old city.

Went for a long walk today and result is below- 4 tired feet! And another 4 you can’t see.



Off to Carcassonne.

Woody not sure what was happening today as the suitcases and car got packed so decided that ‘Halfway up the stairs is the place where I sit”.

Halfway up the stairs.

Arrived at the Medieval walled city of Carcassonne mid afternoon so had a walk around the outside. It is a striking place we have visited before and more exploring tomorrow.

Outside the walled city of Carcassonne.

The hotel has a dog who doubles as a rug, actually an 8 year old Basset Hound.

The Basset rug.

And Woody assuming his cute “in the car again” face.


Just a small glimpse of the walled city.