About us

We are Janette and Nick, a couple of 60’ish year olds refusing to grow grey and old gracefully. We met many years ago in London and since then have had an adventurous and exciting life living in Europe and travelling well beyond. In 2004 we set up Royal Villas Europe, a luxury holiday rental company, and have since then lived near Bordeaux, in St Tropez and then in Andorra. Through our business we have met many celebrities and have also provided locations for the X Factor Judges Houses.

Janette – not bad for 60ish!

Now a bit bored with a quiet life in the UK we have decided that we miss travelling in Europe so are going back on the road with Woody our gorgeous 6 year old Labradoodle accompanying us all the way. We want this blog to be interesting, sometimes amusing and generally informative whether you travel with a dog or not. Janette is also on Instagram @janettegimbert and will be offering tips on shopping and restaurants amongst many other topics.

Nick and Woody
Woody self portrait