Last stop before St Tropez

Just arrived at a beautiful hotel, Le Tresor Des Templiers near to Montelimar, the town most famous for it’s nougat. The hotel is very pet friendly and Woody very quickly made himself at home. We always bring a throw to cover the bed as you can never stop them getting up if they are used to it at home. The hotel is immaculately clean and everywhere smells of lavender and scented candles. A really good place to stay and looking forward to dinner.



The hotel is set in 8 hectares of it’s own vineyards so plenty of walks.

“You are what you eat”

People often comment that for a 6 year old Woody looks and behaves like a much younger dog. A few years ago we read about what goes into canned dog food and were pretty dismayed, not that we’ll go into that any further.

We discovered the wonderful Lily’s Kitchen brand of organic products and their recipe book “Dinner for Dogs”. We have the luxury of time and so are able to cook fresh meals for for him, we cook a large batch and put 2 or 3 days worth in the fridge and freeze the rest.

Ingredients vary but below is what we used the other day. Lentils, orange vegetables, turkey mince, spinach, peas and fresh herbs including mint which is great for dog breath.


Once cooked it looks like this.


And he loves it, especially when topped with a few blueberries and chopped apple. Evidence below of an impatient dog wanting lunch.